Staghill Outfitters – Hunting

Even though hunting is not a very popular sport in the US, a lot still does them and tradition is what keeps them hanging. For some that loves the sport, here are some useful things to remember:

Your game would most probably be of the wild and are keen with their senses. Make sure you do not introduce an unusual odor to the environment that might spook your game. Do not use scented soap or shampoo when you clean before you go hunting.


If possible, use an odor eliminator. This will come in handy if human scent is inevitable to be smelled.

You need aerial photos? No need to rent a plane or chopper or even buy a plane ticket to survey your grounds. Technology has helped you with it, use Google maps.

Don’t make your camp season terrible with bite infections. Make sure to use some insect repellant to be able to avoid this bites and even diseases that might cause them.

Big Time Texas Hunts

If you will be using a tree for cover and want to be at an elevated stand, be sure to be fully equipped with a full body safety harness to avoid accidents.

Usual hunting for game outfits does not go for style and fashion like going to a party all dressed up with complete accessories. Outfits are tailored to function and purpose rather than style.